Being a holy site in Myanmar, Kyaikhtiyoe/the Golden Rock, about 100 miles off Yangon, always attracts many Buddhists from all over the country. It is a huge wonder of a boulder covered in gold, weighed nearly 1000 tons, situated in a precarious balance at a cliff edge. Local Buddhists believe that the rock has hosted hair relics of Lord Buddha for thousands of years while its holiness began to appear in the local literature in the 19th century. The miracle of nature, panoramic view, cool breeze at the hill top and the pleasant duration in the crowd of Buddhist pilgrims who chant and light candles form fame of the Golden Rock in the Myanmar’s tourism industry. There are hotels, guest houses and restaurants both at the top of the hill and base camp of the Golden Rock, and they are available for visitors all year round nowadays.

How to get there

The best place to start going out to Kyaikhtiyoe is from Yangon where you can rent a car/taxi or a tour bus if you are in a tour group or buy highway bus tickets to get there. All of them cost differently. The ride generally takes about four or five hours along the nice road to Kin Pun Base Camp of Golden Rock and it can be stretched out longer added some sightseeing if you are on a private tour. On arrival at the base camp, you still need a 45-minute-long truck ride to the top of a hill where the boulder lies.

For those who journey there by bus, it is also easy to buy bus tickets at the base camp to come back to Yangon or continue your trip to other places.

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