Chin State

Chin State is a state in western Myanmar. The 36,019-square-kilometre (13,907 sq mi) Chin State is bordered by Sagaing Division and Magway Division to the east, Rakhine State to the south, Bangladesh to the south-west, and the Indian states of Mizoram to the west and Manipur to the north. The population of Chin state is about 478,801 in 2014 census. The capital of the state is Hakha. The state is a mountainous region with few transportation links. Chin State is sparsely populated and remains one of the least developed areas of the country. Chin State has the highest poverty rate of 73% as per the released figures from the first official survey.The official radio broadcasting dialect of Chin is Falam. There are 53 different subtribe and languages in Chin State.


Kanpetlet is a small town with a population of a few thousands and situates about 1,370 meters above the sea level at the Southern Chin State. It is 80 kilometers away from Mindat and one of the two gateways to climb the Mt. Victoria. The ascent from Kanpetlet is much easier than comparing with the route from Mindat. From Kanpetlet, one can drive up to 2,740 meters of Mt. Victoria where the narrow walkway to the peak starts. A moderate trek along the route about one hour will take you to the peak.

It is reached by ferryboats across the river and takes 1 hour for up-river and 40 minutes for down-river. The journey takes 45 minutes.When you come along the motor way to Mingun from Sagaing. you will first arrive at Kandawgyi. one of the prominent big four in Mingun.


Mindat Township is a township located in Mindat District in the Chin State of Myanmar. The township is located between latitude 21.19 and 21.47, longitude 93.23 and 94.29.The third highest peak in Myanmar, Nat Ma Taung (Mt. Victoria) at 3053 meters, is visible from here, though it is within Kanpetlet township boundary. The "K'cho" or "Cho" people are the main ethnic group in the township. The K'cho people speak the K'cho language, distinct from surrounding Chin dialects. K'cho ethnic groups in the township are the Mün, the M'Kang and the Dai.[citation needed] Christianity is one of the main religions in Mindat. A large number of the population practice Animism and Buddhism, due to its proximity to the Yaw region where it is the main religion.[citation needed] Mindat is divided into five blocks; AShaePyin (East plain), Bawathit( new life), SanPya (model), ANaut (west side) and Kyekhe. SanPya occupies central area of town and most shops and businesses are located there.

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