Inle Lake

Surrounded by hills and looking like some water in the frying pan, Inle Lake is a placid environment and home to communities of tribes that include Inntha, Shan, PaO, Danu, Bamar, and so on. The lake’s size, 13.5 miles in length and about 5 miles in width, is pretty sufficient for the folk that lives on fishing, floating vegetation of tomatoes, and tourism related jobs. When you are there, you will see a lot of Inntha people fishing, rowing boats with one of the legs in standing fashion, taking underwater weeds and plants out of the water to use them in their famous floating gardens of tomatoes, and busy in taking care of the gardens. Long-tailed boats without roof are for the main transport in the lake, and a boat ride, a gaze at the surrounding villages and mountains, a moment each at ruined and resurrected shining pagodas and monasteries, and sipping Myanmar Beer at a high restaurant seeing the scenic view over the lake always are always recommended during the visit there. Overall, the cultures, communities and ecology of the lake always attract people from around the globe for an escape from their busy city lives.

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