Myeik (Megui)

In the very south of Myanmar, Myeik hosts all archipalegoes, numbered officially more than 800 islands lying off the western shore in the Andaman Sea. They geographically feature limestone and granite and are rich of rainforest and beaches. Some of them have been in travel industry since 1997 and have hotels. Travelers come to the islands for diving experience; the best diving conditions cover the period from December to April.

Possessing the biggest population in the surrounding, the socio-economic world in Myeik City comprises a wide range from pearl industry across rubber and edible bird’s nest which ranks prominently in all Myanmar’s markets to fisheries whose business also includes dried fish, dried prawn and Ngapi (fish/shrimp paste). Off-shore islands and waters have a unique ethnicity, Salone/Moken also called as Sea Gypsies, which dwell in the sea and live on fishing. They still maintain their tradition of building the boats which they use for living, social meeting, dating and marriage that demands a new boat from the bridegroom.

The modern history of Mergui, the old colonial name of Myeik, began in the British days in the 1830s along with Mawlamyine. People like Maurice Collis, who also wrote about it in Siamese White, visited the town in the olden days. Trends of history, which also tells that the city was part of Thailand until the 18th century, form Myeik an interesting town.

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